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Hello. My name is Kelly.

I am a designer, illustrator and photographer. This site is a quick glance at some of my recent work, both personal and professional. I have 10+ years of experience working as a creative, with the majority of that serving the food and hospitality industries. I have created work for hotels, restaurants, food-based non-profits, chefs and packaged food products. I am originally from South Florida and relocated to Chicago in 2009. I am obsessed with food, cooking and restaurant culture. You can learn more about my work and what I do, as well as book time with me through my business site, Supper Club Studio. You can also follow me IRL on Instagam @hello.mynameiskelly (mostly dog, kids and whatever I made for dinner) or you can see more professional stuff over at @supperclubstudio (projects, food photography, WIP) and on Twitter at @supperclubchi .